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Membership has it's privileges! 

Beach Fitness is the premier self-access fitness facility on Longboat Key catering to year-round residents, snowbirds and short term visitors. Our membership options range from day passes to annual and everything in between. We offer a convenient INSTANT ACCESS option to those with smartphones.

There are THREE ways to join..

1. Join in Person

Staffed Hours are 9.30am-2.00pm, Monday to Saturday. Drop in and see owner Robyne Richardson and she can explain options, sign you up and get you your own keycard

2. Join by Phone or Email

Call Robyne at the gym, 941-383-7247, or anytime on her cell 941-807-7674 and she will sign you up over the phone. It's easy, and she's always available.

Alternatively, email Robyne and she will get back to you immediately.

Purchase Options

3. Self-Service Option

For INSTANT GYM ACCESS use our self service option.

Sign up with a credit card and you will be emailed a membership code that will get you immediate access to the gym with your smartphone.

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